About Us

Welcome to Turkiye Migration

We at Turkiye Migration keep an analytical eye on the ups and downs of real estate in Turkiye and as well as in neighboring countries which offer competitive deals for home seekers and investors in real estate.

This way we can give a best-compared offer to our clients attracted to Turkiye. We have 5+ years of experience in the real estate market which is why we have created a network of more than 100 leading local real estate agents which includes women and students hence provide you with the most relevant and updated information while supporting the local businesses. This makes us stand out from any other real estate portal, we have a network that spreads into all major cities of Turkiye’s real estate markets and that is how we have been providing our clients home within their budget, their choice of city.

Investing in Turkiye’s Real Estate has a very bright and thriving future to name a few reasons is the development and modernization of health sector, transportation, education and many more

Turkiye Migration was established in 2018 in a small office home in a locality full of factories and factory workers. Initially the company consisted of only three people and some temporary support staff. Our dream was to be a leading prominent name in Istanbul (Turkiye) in both property brokering and as well as in service sector. We have very quickly come to the forefront of the real estate market. This has happened through immense hard work and determination and by providing a high level of service to our values customers. As time passed we realized that people especially from India Pakistan and Bangladesh needed more than just service regarding real estate or visas and residence permits, the demand was for complete migration solution under one roof, which includes business job investments other than real estate’s purchasing/renting, that is when our team under the guidance of Mr. Shujauddin (senior partner), the idea of total migration originated, since then we are in to total migration solutions from buying open land apartments business licensing etc., in short anything everything related to complete migration to Turkiye


We have based our business on transparency and we envision ourselves as the leading MIGRATION SERVICES, REAL ESTATE AND TOURISM Company in the Turkiye, driven by customer service, dedication and a passion for Real Estate. Our main strength is our knowledge of the market and our dedication towards customer satisfaction, which has helped clients meet their real estate requirements.


Our mission is to have a healthy growth as a company by providing the highest level of service we possibly can, as well as offering to our clients, the best properties from family homes through to astute investment opportunities and complete migration solution. We embrace our knowledge of local and international Real Estate Market and this knowledge adds value to our services and the Real Estate Industry and other important affairs.


In today’s marketplace, we believe that no one person, no matter how experienced or well-educated, can provide the best service without a team of specialists. Here at TurkiyeMigration (Realty), we bring together top-tier talent with in-depth experience and expertise, with a goal to ensure all the process is as stress-free and rewarding as possible.