Residence in Turkey

Benefits of Turkish Residency

  • You can make personal or corporate level investments, search for business opportunities, set up a company,
  • Work and retire with government social security with medical protection and pension.
  • Children can study in Turkiye’s government schools for free as well as medically insured by the Turkish Government
  • Later on transfer to permanent residency
  • Long term residence permit comes with infinitive work permit
  • Or simply retire in a low tax paradise many USA, UK and European citizens have already done.

Earlier people acquired Turkish short-term touristic residence, but as of today the government has implemented new rules which gets you residence permit based on property purchase, you are required to submit apostilled income statement or 6 month bank statements reflecting the required amount

For properties purchased after May 5th, 2022:

-In order to make the property owner's residence permit (whether applicable) all of the family members of below 18 years old children and the spouses (for multiple wife-allowing countries, only 1 wife is recognized) names must be written on the title deed as shareholders.

-If there is only one family member (ie father/husband or mother/wife) who owns the property, other family members should be sponsored by the property owner when proceeding to make an application.

-If there are two or more shareholders on a title deed who aren't in the same family or have children above 18 years old; the title deed value should be the amount of shareholders x 75.000 USD for major cities, and 50.000 USD for minor cities. (i.e. 3 non-family member shareholders can apply for the property owner's residence permit only if the value of the property is either 225.000 USD in major cities or 150.000 USD in minor cities). Apart from this, considering the density of foreigners in various regions of our country, 1169 neighborhoods in certain provinces have been closed by the Ministry for the first transfer residence permit applications and the process of changing the province of residence.

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