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How to Get Turkey Citizenship By Investment Turkiye Migration

How to Get Turkey Citizenship By Investment - Turkiye Migration

The Turkish government has launched an investment scheme for those who want to become Turkish citizens. This program, also known as Turkish migration, provides a way for individuals to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in the country. To qualify, applicants must have made a significant investment in Turkey's economy, such as purchasing real estate or starting a business.

The program has been quite successful in attracting foreign investment and boosting the country's economy. The government has seen a significant increase in the number of individuals applying for Turkish citizenship through this scheme, resulting in a significant increase in the country's financial growth. Additionally, the program also helps in promoting employment generation and contributes to the growth of various industries.

What are the Benefits of Getting Turkey Citizenship by Investment?

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment offers many benefits to applicants. Firstly, it provides a quick and easy route to obtain Turkish citizenship. The process is simple and straightforward, making it a convenient option for those who wish to become Turkish citizens.

In addition, the program offers various financial benefits, such as lower taxes and a lower cost of living. The cost of living in Turkey is relatively low compared to other countries, making it an affordable place to live and work. In addition, the country's economy is booming, which offers many investment opportunities for those becoming citizens.

Another major advantage is access to quality education and healthcare. Turkey has a well-established education system, which provides many excellent opportunities for individuals to pursue higher education. The country also boasts of high standards of healthcare, making it a desirable destination for those seeking to lead a comfortable life.

Finally, obtaining Turkish citizenship provides access to a rich and diverse culture with a rich history and heritage. With its beautiful landscapes, modern cities, and diverse population, Turkey is a unique and exciting place to live.

Requirements to Get Turkey Citizenship by Investment

In order to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment, there are several requirements that must be met. it includes

  1. Real Estate – Applicants need to purchase a property in Turkey with a minimum value of $250,000 and hold it for at least three years. After this period, the property can be sold, and the applicant can still retain his Turkish citizenship.
  2. Starting a Business in Turkey - Applicants must invest at least $500,000 and create at least 50 jobs for Turkish citizens. This option allows the applicant not only to obtain Turkish citizenship but also to contribute to the development of the country's economy.
  3. Investing in Government Bonds - Applicants must invest at least $500,000 in government bonds and hold them for at least three years. This option is suitable for those who prefer a more passive investment approach.
  4. It is important to note that all applicants must pass a background check prior to investment and must prove that they have a clean criminal record. They should not have any connection with any banned or terrorist organizations.

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Residency Requirements

After making the investment, applicants must meet the residency requirements to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment. Residency requirements vary depending on the type of investment made, but generally, applicants need to spend at least 183 days per year in Turkey. This can be accomplished through repeated visits or by relocating the country.

To help individuals navigate the process, the government has established local representatives, such as Turkish Migration, to handle applications. These representatives are responsible for guiding applicants through the process and ensuring that all requirements are met. They can assist with obtaining necessary documents, assist with language barriers, and ensure that applications are processed smoothly and efficiently.

It is important to note that in order to maintain Turkish citizenship the residency requirements must be maintained after obtaining citizenship. Failure to meet residency requirements may result in the revocation of citizenship.

Who Can Apply for a Turkey Citizenship by Investment?

The following individuals can apply for Turkey citizenship by investment:

  • Individuals of any nationality or background, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Individuals with a clean criminal record and no ties to any banned or terrorist organizations.
  • Financially stable individuals who are able to make the required investment.
  • Individuals who meet the residency requirements, which typically involve spending at least 183 days per year in Turkey.
  • Individuals with a basic understanding of the Turkish language, culture, and laws, can be achieved through language classes, cultural events, and other resources.
  • Individuals who have a genuine interest in becoming a citizen of Turkey and contributing to the country's growth and development.

Anyone who meets the eligibility criteria, including being at least 18 years old, never having stayed illegally in Turkey, and being willing to pay the taxes and costs associated with the process, can apply for Turkey citizenship by investment, regardless of nationality or background.

How to Apply for Turkey citizenship by investment:

The process of applying for Turkish citizenship by investment includes the following steps:

Choose the type of investment: The first step is to choose the type of investment that best suits your financial goals and interests. Options include real estate investment, capital investment, and employment-based investment.

Collect all the required documents: Before applying, you must collect all the required documents, such as a valid passport, proof of financial stability, and a clean criminal record.

Consult a Local Representative: Consult a local representative such as Turkish Migration to ensure you meet all eligibility criteria and receive guidance and support throughout the process.

Invest: Once you have chosen the type of investment and collected the required documents, you can proceed to invest.

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Meet residency requirements: After investing, you must meet residency requirements, which typically include spending at least 183 days per year in Turkey.

Apply for Citizenship: Once you have met the residency requirements, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. This involves submitting your application and all required documents to the relevant government agency.

Wait for the process to complete: After submitting your application, you will need to wait for the process to complete, which usually takes several months.

Documents Required  for Turkey Citizenship by Investment

The following documents are usually required when applying for Turkish citizenship by investment:

A valid passport: This must be presented as proof of identity and citizenship.

Proof of financial stability: This may include bank statements, tax records, and other financial documents that demonstrate your ability to make the necessary investments.

Proof of a clean criminal record: This may include a police clearance certificate or other similar documents that shows you have no criminal history.

Residency documents: This may include proof of your residences in Turkey, such as a rental agreement or utility bill, and documentation of your compliance with residency requirements.

Proof of language proficiency: If you have a basic understanding of the Turkish language, culture, and laws, you may need to prove this through language classes, cultural programs, and other resources.

Investment Documentation: This may include documentation of the type of investment you made, such as real estate deeds, capital investment documents, or employment-based investment documents.

Completed Application Form: You will need to fill out and submit the appropriate application form for Turkish citizenship by investment.

Where to Receive Certificate of Eligibility?

The certificate of eligibility for Turkey citizenship by investment is typically issued by the Turkish Ministry of Interior or other relevant government agencies. This certificate is a crucial document that confirms that you meet all the eligibility criteria for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment.

To obtain the Certificate of Eligibility, you must submit your application and all necessary documents. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, the government agency will issue the certificate of eligibility, which you can use as proof of your eligibility for Turkish citizenship by investment.

How Turkiye Migration Can Help You?

Turkiye Migration is a trusted local representative providing support and guidance to individuals seeking Turkish citizenship by investment. They provide a range of services throughout the process including investment advice, document preparation, liaison with government agencies and local support. They make the process easier, more efficient and more reliable by providing expert guidance and reliable local support. Choose Turkish Migration for a hassle free and successful experience in obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Frequently Asked Questions -

1. Does Turkey Allow Dual Nationality?

Ans-  Yes, Turkey allows dual nationality. In 2010, the country amended its laws to allow people to hold Turkish citizenship while holding citizenship of another country. This has made Turkey a more attractive destination for investment citizenship seekers. However, laws on dual nationality can vary, so it is best to consult an expert for clarification.

2. Can my family members also get the Benefits of Turkish citizenship?

Ans-  Yes, your family members can also get the benefits of Turkish citizenship. When obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment, the applicant's spouse and minor children are also eligible to apply for citizenship. It can provide many benefits for the family, including access to quality education, health care and a higher standard of living. Additionally, Turkish citizenship also allows visa-free travel to many countries, making it easier for families to travel and explore new destinations.

3. Is It Possible to Get Turkish Citizenship for Indians

Ans- Yes, Indians can obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. The Turkish government grants the Citizenship by Investment program which requires individuals to make qualifying investments in the country. This can be done by investing in real estate, investing in government bonds, or setting up a business. Eligibility requirements and required documents must be met. It is recommended to consult an expert like Turkiye Migration for guidance.